Vancouver CD Release Show

Yes, the big Vancouver show is this Sunday, October 2nd at St James Hall in Vancouver (W. 10th & Trutch). There are no advance tickets and it is an early show so it is advisable to arrive at 7:30. The first act, the wonderful T. Nile, will start at 8pm.

Tickets are $10 and Adrian’s new record, Bruise, will be available at the show.

4 thoughts on “Vancouver CD Release Show

  1. Over in Victoria. Can’t maker to Saturday’s show. I listened to your music on CBC last night…and now want your upcoming CD but as mentioned can’t get to Vancouver- can you give me details as to where I can purchse here in Vic or get you to send a copy here…and how you want payment. Cheers ‘RED’ Tel250-686-2646

  2. Hey Amanda; wow, this reply couldn’t be later- i didn’t see this comment amongst all the spam comments until now, sorry about that. Well, if you’re still interested you can order hard copies of the CD from: here
    or it’s also on iTunes: here
    If you have any problems just email
    Thanks so much for your support and so sorry for the ridiculously late reply!

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