Fugitives Release new EP “Bigger than Luck” in Toronto!

Hello all,
The Fugitives are playing Toronto on Sunday!
Please help us celebrate the release of our new EP, “Bigger than Luck”, from Light Organ Records, on Sunday, June 30th at the Tranzac. It’s an early show (8pmstart with an 11pm curfew). Support from the amazing Kaia Kater.
We recorded our newest album in Toronto this January with producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliot BROOD). The day we were tracking gang vocals was the night of the biggest snowstorm in Toronto in the last ten years. We expected no one to show. But being the amazing supportive Torontonians that you were, we had dozens of people come out in force (in the middle of a SNOWSTORM) to sing on our album and help support us. This is just one of the reasons we dig Toronto so much, and can’t wait to play for you.
To watch the trailer for the show, check:
See you Sunday!!

New Fugitives EP Announced!

Vancouver Indie Folk Collective The Fugitives release Bigger Than LuckEPJuly 16, on Light Organ Records, ahead of full-length album due this fall.  Listen to the EP single Bigger Than Luck today.





You’d never know by listening to it, but The Fugitives new EP Bigger Than Luck is actually inspired by astronauts.   Well, photos of astronauts. Vancouver based Songwriters Adrian Glynn and Brendan McLeod took the weekend off while recording their new EP with producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Elliot BROOD) to take in an exhibit of rare photos from the first two moon landings at New York’s Natural History Museum.  Awestruck by the magnitude of these miracle photos that were tucked away in a small, bland corner of the museum, Glynn and McLeod felt like the images were a perfect reference for the themes of banality vs. wonder they were exploring on the EP.  Glynn says, “We felt like Jim Carrey in Dumb & Dumber running out to everyone, yelling ‘We landed on the moon!’”


Out July 16 on Light Organ Records Bigger Than Luck is the precursor to a full-length album due this fall, but is by no means a trial run.  Mastered by Greg Calbi (Of Monsters and Men, She & Him), featuring the vocals of Brandy Zdan, and the instrumentation of bluegrass guruChris Quinn and fiddler Sahra FeatherstoneBigger Than Luck marries the driving banjo and top-notch harmonies of past Fugitives’ releases.


McLeod says album single “Bigger Than Luck” is a feel good song from a cranky old man. “We’re always trying to remind ourselves to be grateful for being alive, and then next thing you know we’re giving the finger to a red light.  So ‘Bigger Than Luck’ is an attempt to trick ourselves out of ingratitude.”


When not touring as musicians, Glynn and McLeod are active pursuing other disciplines.  McLeod is an award winning novelist and former Canadian SLAM poetry champion, while Glynn is a working actor who received rave reviews for his role in Chelsea Hotel, a play based on the songs and poems of Leonard Cohen.  Their band is similarly eclectic, boasting prominent former members like Mark Berube and CR Avery.  The current arrangement of rotating cast members includes violin-looping prodigyHannah Epperson, multi-instrumentalist Steve Charles, and renowned actor Benjamin Elliot.  As McLeod puts it, “We’re like Broken Social Scene. But acoustic, and way less famous.”








01- Bigger Than Luck

02- Old Mistakes

03- Slowly Undone

04- The City




Old leather-butt.

7 weeks in Toronto. Zero social life. 4 Cameron House gigs with The Fugitives. One leather recliner chair that has molded to my shape. This is what making a record is like.


Yes, I’ve been spending 6 days a week since New Year’s in Green Door Studio with producer John Critchley (Dan Mangan, Amelia Curran) and bandmate Brendan McLeod working on this new record. The Fugitives is basically just Brendan and I now (save for the wonderful musicians we hire to make us look/sound good) so all 3 of us got to know each other pretty well. Anyway, my label Light Organ Records will be putting out the new record in the Fall and we can’t wait.  But we will have to.


We are about to embark on a Western Canada tour in March. We kick off with a Vancouver show at the Biltmore Cabaret and then head out to Winnipeg and back. I’m delighted to say that my good friend Hannah Epperson will be joining us on fiddle for this tour and opening a lot of our shows. Check the tour dates page!

(Apologies to my friends in Brandon, MB. Scheduling doesn’t allow us to visit you lovelies this time but definitely in the Fall).


I don’t have one. Just kidding. Right now I’m pretending to be sick so I can finally finish watching the Wire. Then I’ll be able to get on with things. Recent good read: The Sisters Brothers by Canadian author Patrick DeWitt. Simple language but some of the most vivid scenes I can remember reading in a long time.

So on and so forth.


Thanks, Kurt

When I was 15 and learning electric guitar i used to go home on Friday afternoons, turn up my amp (because there was no-one home to complain) and play Aneurysm and On A Plain as hard as i could. I’d jump around like a grunge animal and there would usually end up being blood spattered across the white pick-guard on my rental Godin and I’d collapse feeling like I got something out. Thanks, Kurt, for teaching me how to brood like a champ. And Happy Birthday.

Hard at work on a new Fugitives record. Tour coming up next month!

Sorry for the hiatus, everyone. I’ve been very busy these last couple months with my other project, The Fugitives ( We toured the UK before Xmas and have spent every day since New Year’s in a studio in Toronto recording our new record. I spend 14 hours a day on a couch! I’m like one of those recliner-bound people on the spaceship in Wall-E.

Anyway, you can catch me out on tour with the Fugitives in Western Canada next month, dates will be posted shortly.

In the meantime, here’s a little video of rehearsing a song with a string quartet in the studio last week (i wish i got to do this every morning): Strings in the studio


xo Glynn



Leonard Cohen, England and smalltown BC

Hey, sexy people from sexy towns. I hope you’re all smiling and well-fed. I know I am.

Thanks so much to all you Northern BCers for making that little August tour so fun- the Robson Valley Music Fest was magic and all the shows around BC were fantastic, thanks for the support.

I’m back into the theatre world, for now. The play I was part of in February, Chelsea Hotel- featuring the songs of Leonard Cohen, has been picked up for a second go round at the Firehall Arts Centre in downtown Vancouver. We open Oct 3rd and run till Nov 3rd, come check us out if you’re in this town. The details are all here.


No rest for the weary, though. As soon as the play closes I’ll be hopping on a flight with the Fugitives to England where we’ll be touring for two weeks, fueled by pints of real ale and struggling to stay on the left side of the road. We’ll be posting our UK dates very soon, they’ll be here on my site and on the Fugitives site.


And that will take us up to the New Year when the Fugitives will head to Toronto to record a new record. Exciting times!


Maybe it’s in preparation for visiting England again, but I am ingesting a lot of British culture at the moment. I finally began reading English author,  David Mitchell. I flew through his wonderful coming-of-age novel BlackSwan Green and am now onto Ghostwritten. I am also obsessed with a BBC documentary series called “Time”. It’s on Youtube. It’s one of those mind-blow type shows where your brain hurts after watching. At least mine does. Maybe my brain doesn’t get enough exercise.


Hope to see you soon.


October love,



New videos for Blue Belle Lament!

Hell-oh! I am writing this from balmy and bubbling New York City (mostly garbage juice that’s bubbling). I haven’t been to this city in a while and I have missed it. Too bad it’s so boring.

  Speaking of boring- the opposite of boring (at least for me) is that I have a couple new videos, some shows upcoming in Toronto and BC and some goings-on with The Fugitives (the other project I’m a part of).
 a. Here’s the brand new video for Blue Belle Lament, directed by Catherine Lutes. I am creepy in it. Big surprise. (Typecast).
 a1. Accompanying this is a live, in-studio video of Blue Belle, made by the wonderful people at Brass Tacks films.
b. Shows!  Tranzac in Toronto on August 4th (link).
  Then a wee BC tour:
   Aug 18/19- Robson Valley Music Fest
   Aug 22nd- Wells, BC. Sunset Theatre.
   Aug 23rd- Smithers, BC. Two Sisters Cafe.
   Aug 24th- Prince George, BC. Books & Co.
   Aug 25th- Kelowna, BC. Streaming Cafe (with Matt Epp).
 (these will all be up on my site soon).
c. My other musical project, The Fugitives, have made the Top 20 in BC’s Peak Performance Project! You’ll be hearing more about this soon.
   We’ll be opening for Canadian country legend Barney Bentall in North Vancouver on Aug 11th.
d. Have you heard about the Conservatives’ insane refugee healthcare bill? It made us pretty mad so we wrote a song about it and performed it in our underwear. It’s been getting some nice love on the interwebs. Check it out HERE and visit this site to understand more about this crazy issue.
That’s about it for me. I wanted to be reading Gatsby whilst I was in New York but I accidentally took Great Gatsby: Critical Insights out of the library instead and didn’t realize till I was high above Saskatchewan in an airplane. This city’s too boring to be reading books anyways. I’m off to Alphabet City.