Leonard Cohen, England and smalltown BC

Hey, sexy people from sexy towns. I hope you’re all smiling and well-fed. I know I am.

Thanks so much to all you Northern BCers for making that little August tour so fun- the Robson Valley Music Fest was magic and all the shows around BC were fantastic, thanks for the support.

I’m back into the theatre world, for now. The play I was part of in February, Chelsea Hotel- featuring the songs of Leonard Cohen, has been picked up for a second go round at the Firehall Arts Centre in downtown Vancouver. We open Oct 3rd and run till Nov 3rd, come check us out if you’re in this town. The details are all here.


No rest for the weary, though. As soon as the play closes I’ll be hopping on a flight with the Fugitives to England where we’ll be touring for two weeks, fueled by pints of real ale and struggling to stay on the left side of the road. We’ll be posting our UK dates very soon, they’ll be here on my site and on the Fugitives site.


And that will take us up to the New Year when the Fugitives will head to Toronto to record a new record. Exciting times!


Maybe it’s in preparation for visiting England again, but I am ingesting a lot of British culture at the moment. I finally began reading English author,  David Mitchell. I flew through his wonderful coming-of-age novel BlackSwan Green and am now onto Ghostwritten. I am also obsessed with a BBC documentary series called “Time”. It’s on Youtube. It’s one of those mind-blow type shows where your brain hurts after watching. At least mine does. Maybe my brain doesn’t get enough exercise.


Hope to see you soon.


October love,



New videos for Blue Belle Lament!

Hell-oh! I am writing this from balmy and bubbling New York City (mostly garbage juice that’s bubbling). I haven’t been to this city in a while and I have missed it. Too bad it’s so boring.

  Speaking of boring- the opposite of boring (at least for me) is that I have a couple new videos, some shows upcoming in Toronto and BC and some goings-on with The Fugitives (the other project I’m a part of).
 a. Here’s the brand new video for Blue Belle Lament, directed by Catherine Lutes. I am creepy in it. Big surprise. (Typecast).
 a1. Accompanying this is a live, in-studio video of Blue Belle, made by the wonderful people at Brass Tacks films.
b. Shows!  Tranzac in Toronto on August 4th (link).
  Then a wee BC tour:
   Aug 18/19- Robson Valley Music Fest
   Aug 22nd- Wells, BC. Sunset Theatre.
   Aug 23rd- Smithers, BC. Two Sisters Cafe.
   Aug 24th- Prince George, BC. Books & Co.
   Aug 25th- Kelowna, BC. Streaming Cafe (with Matt Epp).
 (these will all be up on my site soon).
c. My other musical project, The Fugitives, have made the Top 20 in BC’s Peak Performance Project! You’ll be hearing more about this soon.
   We’ll be opening for Canadian country legend Barney Bentall in North Vancouver on Aug 11th.
d. Have you heard about the Conservatives’ insane refugee healthcare bill? It made us pretty mad so we wrote a song about it and performed it in our underwear. It’s been getting some nice love on the interwebs. Check it out HERE and visit this site to understand more about this crazy issue.
That’s about it for me. I wanted to be reading Gatsby whilst I was in New York but I accidentally took Great Gatsby: Critical Insights out of the library instead and didn’t realize till I was high above Saskatchewan in an airplane. This city’s too boring to be reading books anyways. I’m off to Alphabet City.

Maroon 5 Lyrics Are Not Amazing As Bob Lefsetz Contests

Here is my response to the latest Lefsetz Letter re. Maroon 5 lyrics (the letter in question can be viewed here):


Dear Mr. Lefsetz;

I can’t do it anymore. I’ve been getting your letter for over a year now. Sometimes I’m intrigued by it, sometimes I don’t like it; sometimes I agree, sometimes I don’t. But what I’ve never been able to handle is your mystifying fascination with grade-school quality lyrics. You break down lines that are so cliched as to be laugh-out-loudable as if you’re deconstructing a Canterbury tale. Usually I just hit delete and try to ignore why an  intelligent man has the lyrical taste of an illiterate 13-year old girl… but today that changed.


When you got to the part where you were actually analyzing and paying homage to some of the least imaginative and embarrassingly boring lyrics I’ve ever heard in this new Maroon 5 song I actually thought you were kidding. I was convinced it was a wind-up. Your reaction to the line “you turned your back on tomorrow” was an emphatic “Whew!”. Really? This is satirical, right? But as I read on I realized that you were, in all earnestness, blown away by these lyrics. “I gave you my love to borrow but you gave it all away”. These are the kinds of lyrics that make so much popular music unlistenable. And yet you practically deify it.


I just can’t make sense of it. When there’s platinum-sellling artists like Springsteen, who are blue-collar, poetic geniuses, who say something with every song- whether it’s been said before or not, they give it depth and meaning. Or artists like Death Cab For Cutie, who still manage to write catchy-as-shit indie pop tunes but make almost every line mean something. Why are you, who has been privy to so much great music in your time, impressed by the dumbest shit ever written?


“You can’t expect me to be fine

I don’t expect you to care

I know I’ve said it before

But all of our bridges burned down”


What fucking bridges? This is dumb, Bob. Dumb and boring and awful. Children fail creative writing classes for stuff like this. If they don’t, they should. And yet, you’re putting it on a pedestal. You’re embarrassing yourself. You’re embarrassing me for (once) being a reader of yours. You are offering forgiveness to unforgivable music in a time when no such forgiveness need be offered. There is so much good music out there! So many lines of near-poetry embedded in catchy hooks. So many interesting and fresh ways to sing about old concepts like love and sex and fishing or whatever. But you waste our time and your brain cells on Adam Levine lyrics. This is why I can’t be your reader anymore. I hope you understand.

To close, I will offer a quote from the great Maroon 5 that i know you’ll appreciate:  ”Even the sun sets in paradise”.


It’s been nice reading you.




Adrian Glynn

Shows with Dan Bern! (one of me all-time heroes)

 Hello friends and foes (why are you here if you’re my foe? That’s strange. Get it together);
      I hope this finds you. The sun is becoming less anti-social in my hometown and thusly are my mood swings relegated to the arena of happy and optimistic. I wish this vitamin D high on all of you (especially my foes. See how happy I am? Jesus-happy).
     I am also joyous because I am soon to share the stage with one of my all-time songwriting heroes, Mr Dan Bern. His songs have coloured my existence for some time now and it is an absolute honour and pleasure to announce that the Fugitives (the modern folk band i am a part of, for you newbies) will be playing four shows with Dan Bern in latter May in Southwest BC. I encourage you to attend.
  Mon May 21st @ Joe’s Garage in Courtenay, BC.
  Tue. May 22nd @ Char’s Landing in Port Alberni, BC
  Wed. May 23rd @ Hermann’s Jazz Club in Victora, BC
  Fri. May 25th @ The Waldorf in Vancouver, BC (early show!)
  See the Tour Page for details (
  The Fugitives will also be playing the Skagit Valley Poetry Festival this coming weekend.
And I will be playing solo at the Serenity Performing Arts Centre in Birch Bay, BC on May 26th. Link.
     Elsewise, i would like to encourage any Vancouverites to see a fantastic play at the Havana Theatre over these next 2 weeks. It is called Farragut North and stars my brother Alex. The film, Ides of March, was based on this play (but the play is far superior). Link.
       Other than that, I have been feeling frighteningly insignificant since i heard about the Pale Blue Dot on the podcast, Radiolab. Don’t know why I hadn’t heard about it. It’s the famous photo the Voyager spacecraft took 4 billion miles from our planet . Look it up. And also look up Carl Sagan’s accompanying quote. Then go sit on your roof and weep quietly. That’s where you’ll find me, until next time.
     All kinds of regards,

Playing some shows with a hero of mine

Anyone that know me knows that one of my all-time favourite musicians over the past decade has been Mr. Dan Bern. The poignancy, humour and outright honesty of his songs have been a big influence on my little life. And now a little dream of mine is coming true- we’re doing some shows with him! The Fugitives will be doing four Northwest dates with Dan Bern in two weeks. The Van one is May 25 at the Waldorf. Here are the others:
May 21- Joe’s Garage in Courtenay, BC
May 22- Char’s Landing in Port Alberni, BC
May 23- Hermann’s Jazz Bar in Victoria, BC 
Tickets are now on sale for Van and Vic.

Por favor, Vote for Glynn in Tracks on Tracks

It’ll take you 5 seconds. This is for a wonderful CBC/Green Couch collaboration called Tracks on Tracks to bring a few Canadian acts across the country on a big music train. Like Festival Express! It’s pretty cool. I’m up for it and The Fugitives are up for it. But you can vote for 3 artists! So go here, click on Take Our Survey (not a survey) and vote for myself and The Fugitives (and my buddies The Zolas while you’re at it).

Chocolate Rabbits and Implied Fornication!

Greetings of Spring! Chocolate rabbits and implied fornication to all! Resurrection! Redemption! All wonderful things. I hope this finds you in a well. I am Glynn and this is my news.

I’m at the tail-end of recovering from euphoria withdrawal after the closing of our play, Chelsea Hotel, in early March. It was a wonderful run here in Vancouver and we hope to do it again in the Fall. Thanks to anyone who was able to make it out to see it.

I have to ask for your vote again. I’m starting to feel like an NDP Leadership candidate but it seems to be the way things work these days. This is for a wonderful CBC/Green Couch collaboration called Tracks on Tracks to bring a few Canadian acts across the country on a big music train. Like Festival Express! It’s pretty cool. I’m up for it and The Fugitives are up for it. But you can vote for 3 artists! So go here, click on Take Our Survey (not a survey) and vote for myself and The Fugitives (and my buddies The Zolas while you’re at it).

I’m very excited to announce that The Fugitives will be playing a couple West Coast shows with none other than Dan Bern! For the past 9 years or so, if anyone asked me if I could suggest some new music for them to check out my first response would almost always be Dan Bern. He is one of the funniest, most unpredictable, most poignant songwriters i have ever come across and his music has been a huge part of my life for almost a decade. Can you tell I’m excited? We’ll be playing Vancouver with Dan on May 24th and Victoria on May 23rd, details to come.

Other than that, it is mainly back to writing for me now. This involves a lot of sitting and staring so i stretch in the morning to prepare for all the sitting i’m going to do. If you know any good stretches to prepare one for the strenuous endeavour of couch-sitting, fire away.

There will be summer dates and such to come, so stay tuned. And thanks, as always, for your patronage.


Glynn (for now)