Eccentrically We Love – New Fugitives CD Launched March 23

Adrian's other project, roots ensemble "The Fugitives", have big news! Our brand-new full-length album hits the world today! Buy the physical copy here from 604 records:

Preorder it on Itunes here:

It’s called Eccentrically We Love, and we are so so so excited about it. We recorded it this past December, right after our seven-week Canadian tour. We came home, locked ourselves in North Vancouver’s Neighbourhood studios, and spent a month of recording. After 1,536 hours in each other’s company (yes, we were counting), we decided that we still like each other!  Even better news is that we realized our different musical backgrounds actually bring us together and make stuff better! More than any of our previous work, this album is the result of co-writing, co-editing and co-performance. Collaboration! Yeah!

The Fugitives - Eccentrically We Love

As you might have guessed from the album title, all the songs are about love and affection, in one way or another. But never fear! We haven’t gone sappy. Eccentrically We Love chronicles the beautiful itchiness of being close. It’s about getting irritated,  angered and distraught, and the exhilarating necessity of feeling this way.

We were very lucky to work with some amazing people on this. Leo-Award winning producer\composer Matthew Rogers co-produced, Veda Hille guided and inspired,  Jesse Zubot slayed on violin and Rod Murray did delicious things with his trombone.

We are stoked to hear what you think about it all. The album’s available through 604 records, on i-tunes, and at live shows. Drop us a line through this site, or come talk to us when we’re near. Chances are we’re coming to you soon. Show dates are up on our calendar. Send yourself! Send your friends! As always, we will be disastrously enthused to see you.

Hearts and Exclamation Points!!!

The Fugitives