Hitting Stuff for the New Record

Let the new record commence! Day three now. Yesterday we were in the warehouse-like space of Ogre Studios laying down some percussion.  We had the lads of the Fringe Percussion Ensemble bring in all their toys into a dimly lit room and hit things, stomp and clap for a few hours. At one point I was conducting and had Martin playing a suitcase with his foot while clanging a bread-dish and mixing bowl together, Danny was hitting clay pots with a drum-stick, Brian had a small stack of metal sheets he was shaking while Jonathan just repeatedly dropped a bucket full of stuff on the ground. I felt like a mad-hatter conductor cueing these things. At one point we just recorded them all making ambient noise with whatever they could put their hands on in there and it was a cacophonous clatter, some real beautiful noise. This is a great way to start a record, it bodes well. I hit the road with The Fugitives (www.fugitives.ca) next month, all the way to Charlottetown and back. We’re selling the brand new Eccentrically We Love record on which we also hit some things, though not as many things. But there is baritone guitar and Zubot’s violin playing. It is a very good record, methinks.

That’s it for now, back to work editing this madness together.