Western Canada things

Hullo. Do you live in BC? Or Alberta? Or Manitoba? Read on, wily one. If you live in BC, here's some chances to see The Fugitives and Adrian Glynn solo:

May 26th- The Fugitives @ The Biltmore in Vancouver (Official CD Release!!!)


May 28th- The Fugitives @ Herrman's Jazz Club, Victoria.

May 30th- The Fugitives @ Joe's Garage, Courtenay.

June 12th- Adrian Glynn @ The Biltmore (vancouver) for MusicBC with We Are The City and The Left.


AND if yo ulive in AB or MB then The Fugitives will be around this summer- they are playing the Winnipeg Fringe Festival in July and the Edmonton Fringe in August, along with some praire/AB dates in between (TBA).

Happy hunting,