July Newsletter- Festivals, Arcade Fire's mixer and more...

Dudes. It's me, Adrian. How's by you? I've been getting back into writing new stuff over the last couple weeks and now I'm getting ready to hit the road again with The Fugitives, we're heading out to do the Winnipeg Fringe Festival with a few stops on the way. (www.fugitives.ca) My apologies for the delay on my new record- the good news is we have a fantastic mixer on board (Howard Bilerman, who did Arcade Fire's record, Funeral, among others). The bad news is he isn't available for a while so the record still has a bit to go before it gets released. But i'll be making some new videos (non-porn) this summer and putting out a couple new songs in the fall (also non-porn), so stay tuned. Like a guitar, not a radio. Stay in tune. It's better.

Other than that some new artists I've been listening to a lot are Joe Pug and Circlesquare- check em out. And i found an incredible painter named Andrew Salgado who will be supplying some of the artwork for the new record- check him out here (www.andrewsalgado.com).

That's me for now. I'm going to put on some long underwear to get me through this Vancouver summer.

Love and... love,