Do i remind you of.. John Mayer?!?

Hey all y'all;   I'm currently in dandy young Edmonton at their dandy Fringe Festival (oldest in North America) with The Fugitives. We're having a blast, playing every day, getting great reviews in all 4 major publications here- except one that said i reminded him of John Mayer- I died a little inside. But other than that life is.. dandy. Like a lion. The new record has tottered off to Montreal with me producer Matthew Rogers to be mixed by Mr Howard Bilerman and I miss it very much. But it'll be home soon and better than ever.

What else? I'm shooting a music video at the end of August which is going to be a little controversial, methinks. It's for a very satirical song inspired by the delightful likes of Toby Keith and Larry the Cable Guy and Bill O'Reilly. Ol' CR Avery's gonna be in it, too. More news on that to come. Oh, and i've got a show at the Biltmore in Vancouver in a couple weeks- Aug 30th to be exact. Hope to see you Vancouver locals out for that one.

It's exciting times in Camp Glynn. Life is rich and succulent. I read a fantastic book called The Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges you should check out- it's dark, but it's right on the money. It cemented my reasoning for my habit of turning the tabloids around in the grocery store- celebrity culture is a pretty poisonous and distracting thing. Porn for the brain! Yes and here I am trying to make it in the music business. The ironing is delicious!

Ok, that's enough for now. Love to you all, drink down the rest of your summers and go do something you know you probably shouldn't but will regret if you don't.