Half-Naked Prancing and Roasted Pig

Yesterday we shot a video for the song Lesson to the Rest of You- it's a satirical song addressed to Iraqis from an ignorant Western perspective. The video is to be an over-the-top mock-pop video that glorifies greed and opulence. And we went to TOWN! We had a beautiful poolside location, many beautiful young men and women to dance and prance around half-naked and even a pig roasting on a spit. It was quite the day. And I got to live out my nascent Timberlakian dreams and smoke cigars with girls on my arms as I sang to the camera. Nuts to this folksinger shit, man, I'm gonna do my next record with Timbaland! Anyway, the video should be coming out in a few weeks, we'll keep you posted. A million thanks to the cast and crew, especially Ben Knechtel, our director, and Lyvia Cohen, our producer. And to that poor pig for making the ultimate sacrifice. As Ben was filming the pig rotating and roasting slowly over the coals, he asked, Hey, has anyone ever seen Charlotte's Web?