Holy Daze!

Greetings of the wintry season, holiday heads! Well, it's been an exciting year in Glynntown- crossing Canada twice with The Fugitives, recording my first full-length record, signing to Light Organ Records, making a satirical pop video (which made a few people convinced that i was actually a douchebag- http://url2it.com/dpkl), solo touring around the UK/Paris for 6 weeks and 10 days of incredible adventures and people in Morocco! Let me take this opportunity to thank any and all of you who've made it to a show, bought a CD, told a friend about my music or just generally been awesome and supportive- there are a lot of you and I thank you heartily and wish you a wonderful Christmasy or otherwise type break.

For 2011- stay tuned for the release of the full-length, "Bruise", in April and more solo touring and Fugitives touring in Canada and beyond!

Also, if you're looking for a last minute gift- the Light Organ Christmas compilation is available in stores and online- I've got a solo song on there about Xmas sex (under the pseudonym Fashionable Glasses), two Fugitives tunes and a duet with Nat Jay (for which we just did a live video!! http://url2it.com/dpkk) Here's the link for the Christmas compilation: http://url2it.com/dpki

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas. And I will see you in 2011, my pretties!

Love Adrian