"7 or 8 Days" Lyrics

Here are the lyrics to 7 or 8 days which aired on NBC's Being Human on Monday night.. 7 or 8 Days

She gone 7, 7 or 8 days

She gone where I don’t even know

Clock like a steam-drill, tearin up the wall

The dog’s in the cellar again

I changed my shirt from a white one to a red

But that was back...I don’t remember when

I’m learnin all the rules that I used to think the fools followed

Back when life was livin for the heart

I’m stumbling to the fridge to find that beer I know I hid, and laughin,

“Ain’t love just like fumbling in the dark”

she gone 7, 7or 8 days

she gone where I don’t even know

at dusk the kids are playing, saying, “Mama, let us stay out”

they still believe that they’ll outrun the sun

the dog’s under the porch-light, sleeping with his one eye open

hopin for some leftover from lunch

when the street-light has begun

and the mothers take their sons

and stow them safe and warm away behind the door

I’m cryin in my plate and I’m trying not to hate the way

the dirt makes faces on the kitchen floor

she gone 7, 7 or 8 days,

she gone where I don’t even know

Lord, take the heart of a woman

And show me where it says that love is blind

Because it watches when you’re sleeping, till you’re snoring

Then she’s creeping down the hallway and away into the night

she gone 7, 7 or 8 days,

she gone where I don’t even know