Sext Me

Happy February, it’s sideways raining again, at least in my hometown.

There a few things to tell you. 1. I like you as more than a friend. 2. A new song off my upcoming full-length, Bruise, called “Seven or Eight Days” was featured at the top of the Syfy network’s show Being Human recently in Episode 104. The song is now avail. on Itunes: 3. I think we should get serious. 4. Lots of people in Europe that didn’t know me from Adam thought i was a douchebag after watching my video for “A Lesson to the Rest of You”. That was the point! But just to be safe, we now have a subtitled version: 5. Did you wear that just for me? Like subconsciously? 6. I started a new blog site where over the next couple weeks I will be posting stories, ramblings and pictures of my travels in Morocco last December. Go here to see episode 1: 7. TOUR! We’re hitting W. Canada with The Fugitives March 2-14th! Dates here:!/event.php?eid=163803137005661 And I’ll be doing solo shows with Adaline in Ontario/Quebec April 1-14, dates to be posted shortly. 8. Let’s stop lying to ourselves and just give in to our alligator hearts!!

Thanks for reading. Tell your friends. I don’t know, tell em something. Tell em to read the Grapes of Wrath- wow, that book is timeless and so relevant right now. It pretty much describes big business evil in its infancy. And go listen to “American Skin” by Springsteen. That’s my new favourite song. And sext me. I’m waiting.