Live in Montreal, Toronto, Peterborough.. Plus a new Live Video

Okay, I know I said I was putting out my record in the Spring. But I am a dirty liar. I like to lie. But here is the truth- it is coming out in the early Fall. For sure this time. I hate truth but that is it.

To make it up to you, I am playing some solo shows in Eastern Canada and Vancouver and I subjected myself to being filmed while singing for your enjoyment..

April 3rd- Montreal
April 5th- Peterborough
April 6,7,&8th- Toronto

Also, April 16th in Vancouver at Red Room with David Vertesi and Portage&Main for West Coast Pop:

And the wonderful people at Green Couch Sessions recently filmed me singing one of my newer songs, “Bruise”, in front of a naked mermaid mural (which doesn’t quite appear in the video)- that’s HERE .

In other news, we had a splendiferous Fugitives tour of Western Canada this month where we braved standard Canadian weather and temperatures, snowshoed in Manitoban wilderness and got to know our wonderful supporting act a little too well, Tanya Davis .

The Fugitives will be in Eastern Canada in June, and then festivals all of July, including Brandon Folk Fest (where i’m also appearing as a solo act), Hillside Folk Fest and big ol’ Vancouver Folk Fest!

And that is the hard candy shell dissolved to reveal the nutshell surrounding the contents of what i’ve been doing which is in the nutshell and please pass the M&Ms, no the peanut ones, thank you.

Current Favourite Songs: I’d Rather Dance With You by Kings of Convenience. Penelope by Pinback.  When You’re Gone by Portage&Main. And everything by Bruce Springsteen.

Current Favourite Book: Kerouac: A Biography by Ann Charters.

I love you! (also not a lie)