A Bathtub of Milk

I'm in LA at my great friend, Piet Suess's place. He lives in a converted warehouse/studio space where we shot a crazy video today for the song, Leavin' Alone (on the new record coming out in September). My day was spent primarily in a bathtub full of milk being pushed around by two women dressed as geishas while a soot-covered madman representing an extension of my self danced in shadows on the wall... no, i'm not going to explain any further, you'll just have to wait for the video. And we were lucky to have the amazingly talented Brandy Zdan of Twilight Hotel in the video too (she sings on the track). So many thanks to all the cast and crew- it was a long day (i just finished mopping milk off the concrete floor) and everyone worked their asses off. I'm a lucky boy. Stay tuned for the finished product, coming soon.