Oh, Summer

Oh heavens, it has been too long, too, too long, oh heavens. Get the news out of the way first, Glynn! Yes, ok-The New Record Comes Out September 6th!! You'll be able to pre-order it very soon.And A Brand New Website Abounds! Go see it with your good eye- www.adrianglynn.com Tour Dates Coming Soon for Western and Eastern Canada! (Sept and Oct respectively)

Those are the headlines. But enough about me, let's talk about me. This summer has ruled so far- I've been at several Folk Festivals with the Fugitives and one as Adrian Glynn (which is me). Midsummer, Vancouver Folk, Brandon Folk, Hillside- it's been a dream. Getting backed up by Elliott Brood on new song Mother Mary at Vancouver was pretty exciting; sharing a workshop stage with Dan Bern and getting him hooked on the Would You Rather game over lunch in Brandon; a crazy mash-up stage with Shad at Hillside- it has not been a dull July. And now a record release coming up! Oh, life, you are coy but reliable. Like a well-made Schwinn.

So yes, please stay tuned for the W Canada dates in September and E Canada in October. And check out this little preview video for the record to whet your appetitos. http://vimeo.com/25751992

With thanks and love, I remain,

Myself (for the most part)