Bruise's Birthday!

Alright, my faithful friends, it’s finally here- I’m very proud to present Bruise to you, my first full-length record. It was truly a labour of love and although dark I think it represents a few different sides of me. Who am I kidding? I am a dark mofo. But anyway- this sucker is available on iTunes here and physical copies can be ordered here OR you can just wait to see my show and grab one there. Some Western Canada tour dates have been announced for mid-September (see Tour Page!); there will be more BC dates in October as well as some Eastern Canada dates, all to be finalized shortly. And the Vancouver release show will be Sunday, Oct 2nd at St James Hall and will mark my first time playing my solo stuff with a band! Very exciting.

Thanks for your patience, thanks for your support. I hope you like this record. Artists care whether you like their stuff. We try to pretend not to care but unfortunately we do care a lot and as much as we’re trying to please ourselves through this process there’s a part of us secretly hoping it pleases you, too. It’s a big part of why we do it. Now, let’s discuss the meaning of art…

Just kidding. Let’s talk about Herzog. Cave of Forgotten Dreams is my favourite film so far this year. If it’s still possible, go see it in 3d. It’s your only chance to see, in great detail, one of the great wonders of the Ancient World and Herzog guides you through it with his own sense of wonderment and curiosity and asks a lot of questions you’d probably ask yourself if you were standing there in that cave (and also a bunch you would never think of, no matter how good your acid trip- it’s Herzog!).

I hope to see a lot of you this Fall, on the road, off the road, hopefully not in the road. Stay tuned for some music videos and fun stuff like that and let me know what you think of the record, once you hear it.

Your faithful servant in art and cave wonderment,

Adrian Glynn