A play, a nomination and Herzog.

O, February, dark month of low sun and faltering resolve. Wilt thou have mercy on us yet? Happy belated New Year, friends and neighbours. Here's what is happening in Glynn-town.

      I just got nominated for a Sirius XM Canadian Independent Music Award for Emerging Artist of the Year (what a mouthful). This is a voting thing, though! So if you can spare 10 seconds please go click for me, it could mean a very handsome bursary toward my career. Go HERE, enter your email, find me under Emerging Artist (at the bottom) and then once you've selected me find "Submit" at the bottom of the page. Thank you muchly!!
       The Play! Yes, i've been on a theatre stage for the first time in years for the past few weeks in a new show entitled "Chelsea Hotel". It is based on the songs and poems of Leonard Cohen and it is has been very well received so far! Here is a review. It's on for ONE MORE WEEK at the Firehall Arts Centre in downtown Vancouver until March 3. Here's the website for tix and info: http://www.firehallartscentre.ca/
     Touring! In March I'll have a couple shows with The Fugitives in the interior- Nelson, Rossland. And then I'll be out in Ontario in early April playing solo stuff. Dates will be on the website very soon.
This play has overtaken my life- i haven't had time to think about much else of late. But i am ensconced in Werner Herzog's "Conquest of the Useless", a diary of his from 30 years ago. His attention to detail and ability to see life (and death- definitely death) in banalities around him surely are what make him such a unique and confounding filmmaker. And speaking of films, I still think The Artist is one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had at the picture shows.
Onward and sideways, amigos. Until next time, I remain myself.