Chocolate Rabbits and Implied Fornication!

Greetings of Spring! Chocolate rabbits and implied fornication to all! Resurrection! Redemption! All wonderful things. I hope this finds you in a well. I am Glynn and this is my news. I'm at the tail-end of recovering from euphoria withdrawal after the closing of our play, Chelsea Hotel, in early March. It was a wonderful run here in Vancouver and we hope to do it again in the Fall. Thanks to anyone who was able to make it out to see it.

I have to ask for your vote again. I'm starting to feel like an NDP Leadership candidate but it seems to be the way things work these days. This is for a wonderful CBC/Green Couch collaboration called Tracks on Tracks to bring a few Canadian acts across the country on a big music train. Like Festival Express! It's pretty cool. I'm up for it and The Fugitives are up for it. But you can vote for 3 artists! So go here, click on Take Our Survey (not a survey) and vote for myself and The Fugitives (and my buddies The Zolas while you're at it).

I'm very excited to announce that The Fugitives will be playing a couple West Coast shows with none other than Dan Bern! For the past 9 years or so, if anyone asked me if I could suggest some new music for them to check out my first response would almost always be Dan Bern. He is one of the funniest, most unpredictable, most poignant songwriters i have ever come across and his music has been a huge part of my life for almost a decade. Can you tell I'm excited? We'll be playing Vancouver with Dan on May 24th and Victoria on May 23rd, details to come.

Other than that, it is mainly back to writing for me now. This involves a lot of sitting and staring so i stretch in the morning to prepare for all the sitting i'm going to do. If you know any good stretches to prepare one for the strenuous endeavour of couch-sitting, fire away.

There will be summer dates and such to come, so stay tuned. And thanks, as always, for your patronage.


Glynn (for now)