Shows with Dan Bern! (one of me all-time heroes)

 Hello friends and foes (why are you here if you're my foe? That's strange. Get it together);
      I hope this finds you. The sun is becoming less anti-social in my hometown and thusly are my mood swings relegated to the arena of happy and optimistic. I wish this vitamin D high on all of you (especially my foes. See how happy I am? Jesus-happy).
     I am also joyous because I am soon to share the stage with one of my all-time songwriting heroes, Mr Dan Bern. His songs have coloured my existence for some time now and it is an absolute honour and pleasure to announce that the Fugitives (the modern folk band i am a part of, for you newbies) will be playing four shows with Dan Bern in latter May in Southwest BC. I encourage you to attend.
  Mon May 21st @ Joe's Garage in Courtenay, BC.
  Tue. May 22nd @ Char's Landing in Port Alberni, BC
  Wed. May 23rd @ Hermann's Jazz Club in Victora, BC
  Fri. May 25th @ The Waldorf in Vancouver, BC (early show!)
  See the Tour Page for details (
  The Fugitives will also be playing the Skagit Valley Poetry Festival this coming weekend.
And I will be playing solo at the Serenity Performing Arts Centre in Birch Bay, BC on May 26th. Link.
     Elsewise, i would like to encourage any Vancouverites to see a fantastic play at the Havana Theatre over these next 2 weeks. It is called Farragut North and stars my brother Alex. The film, Ides of March, was based on this play (but the play is far superior). Link.
       Other than that, I have been feeling frighteningly insignificant since i heard about the Pale Blue Dot on the podcast, Radiolab. Don't know why I hadn't heard about it. It's the famous photo the Voyager spacecraft took 4 billion miles from our planet . Look it up. And also look up Carl Sagan's accompanying quote. Then go sit on your roof and weep quietly. That's where you'll find me, until next time.
     All kinds of regards,