New videos for Blue Belle Lament!

Hell-oh! I am writing this from balmy and bubbling New York City (mostly garbage juice that's bubbling). I haven't been to this city in a while and I have missed it. Too bad it's so boring.

  Speaking of boring- the opposite of boring (at least for me) is that I have a couple new videos, some shows upcoming in Toronto and BC and some goings-on with The Fugitives (the other project I'm a part of).
 a. Here's the brand new video for Blue Belle Lament, directed by Catherine Lutes. I am creepy in it. Big surprise. (Typecast).
 a1. Accompanying this is a live, in-studio video of Blue Belle, made by the wonderful people at Brass Tacks films.
b. Shows!  Tranzac in Toronto on August 4th (link).
  Then a wee BC tour:
   Aug 18/19- Robson Valley Music Fest
   Aug 22nd- Wells, BC. Sunset Theatre.
   Aug 23rd- Smithers, BC. Two Sisters Cafe.
   Aug 24th- Prince George, BC. Books & Co.
   Aug 25th- Kelowna, BC. Streaming Cafe (with Matt Epp).
 (these will all be up on my site soon).
c. My other musical project, The Fugitives, have made the Top 20 in BC's Peak Performance Project! You'll be hearing more about this soon.
   We'll be opening for Canadian country legend Barney Bentall in North Vancouver on Aug 11th.
d. Have you heard about the Conservatives' insane refugee healthcare bill? It made us pretty mad so we wrote a song about it and performed it in our underwear. It's been getting some nice love on the interwebs. Check it out HERE and visit this site to understand more about this crazy issue.
That's about it for me. I wanted to be reading Gatsby whilst I was in New York but I accidentally took Great Gatsby: Critical Insights out of the library instead and didn't realize till I was high above Saskatchewan in an airplane. This city's too boring to be reading books anyways. I'm off to Alphabet City.