Leonard Cohen, England and smalltown BC

Hey, sexy people from sexy towns. I hope you’re all smiling and well-fed. I know I am. Thanks so much to all you Northern BCers for making that little August tour so fun- the Robson Valley Music Fest was magic and all the shows around BC were fantastic, thanks for the support.

I’m back into the theatre world, for now. The play I was part of in February, Chelsea Hotel- featuring the songs of Leonard Cohen, has been picked up for a second go round at the Firehall Arts Centre in downtown Vancouver. We open Oct 3rd and run till Nov 3rd, come check us out if you’re in this town. The details are all here.


No rest for the weary, though. As soon as the play closes I’ll be hopping on a flight with the Fugitives to England where we’ll be touring for two weeks, fueled by pints of real ale and struggling to stay on the left side of the road. We’ll be posting our UK dates very soon, they’ll be here on my site and on the Fugitives site.


And that will take us up to the New Year when the Fugitives will head to Toronto to record a new record. Exciting times!


Maybe it’s in preparation for visiting England again, but I am ingesting a lot of British culture at the moment. I finally began reading English author,  David Mitchell. I flew through his wonderful coming-of-age novel BlackSwan Green and am now onto Ghostwritten. I am also obsessed with a BBC documentary series called “Time”. It’s on Youtube. It’s one of those mind-blow type shows where your brain hurts after watching. At least mine does. Maybe my brain doesn't get enough exercise.


Hope to see you soon.


October love,