Canada, Here We Come



Hi friends and neighbours and cooks and bakers and long lost brothers;


 This is Glynn coming to you pre-recorded from somewhere in Toronto from whence my band, the Fugitives, are set to launch their new album and cross-Canada tour.


We're pretty excited about this record- our designer Colin Craig went crazy and made one of the most beautiful CD packages I've ever laid hands on. And we also happen to be very proud of the music as well. The album is out October 22nd (and will be available for purchase here on that day) but for now you can sit there and listen to the whole thing for FREE if you just go here.


 We're backing this up with a full Canada-wide tour which gets under way next week- coast to coast with everything in between. All the dates are here.


 In the meantime, I'm working away on new Glynn songs and making rudimentary battle plans for the next album. more on that to come. Special thanks to everyone who came out to the solo show at St James in September, that was a magic one for me.


 Keep humming along like late-night traffic and don't worry too much about which exit.


 With love in service,