Throwback: That Time Glen Hansard and I Sang Ballads at Each Other

Since I'm currently in rehearsals for the musical Once (at the Arts Club in Vancouver starting June 20th), I thought I'd share this blog post from a few years back.

April 16th 2013

And then you have one of those nights you just won’t forget.

I flew to NYC this weekend to open for the great Glen Hansard (The Frames; the Commitments; Once) at a small benefit show for the Rose F Kennedy Centre in Brooklyn. Playing the show was fun. Singing with Glen was fun- (

Later, the few of us left went down the street to a bar a friend had kept open just for us. Glen told me the story of when he first saw his mate Jeff Buckley play in Dublin- Jeff downed an entire pint of Guinness in front of the unruly bar crowd before starting the first song, just to get them on his side. Apparently it worked.

Then I was trying to explain to Hansard who Stan Rogers was and the Canadian importance of Northwest Passage. He said, Just fucking sing it. I obliged and then he answered with an old Irish tune by Christy Moore. And so it went, back and forth. A cappella songs and stories with a true Irish gent until 5 am somewhere in the Lower East Side. And I laughed at New York as I was stumbling home because it was actually quiet and I could hear the birds singing.

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