Throwback: That Time Glen Hansard and I Sang Ballads at Each Other

Since I'm currently in rehearsals for the musical Once (at the Arts Club in Vancouver starting June 20th), I thought I'd share this blog post from a few years back.

April 16th 2013

And then you have one of those nights you just won’t forget.

I flew to NYC this weekend to open for the great Glen Hansard (The Frames; the Commitments; Once) at a small benefit show for the Rose F Kennedy Centre in Brooklyn. Playing the show was fun. Singing with Glen was fun- (

Later, the few of us left went down the street to a bar a friend had kept open just for us. Glen told me the story of when he first saw his mate Jeff Buckley play in Dublin- Jeff downed an entire pint of Guinness in front of the unruly bar crowd before starting the first song, just to get them on his side. Apparently it worked.

Then I was trying to explain to Hansard who Stan Rogers was and the Canadian importance of Northwest Passage. He said, Just fucking sing it. I obliged and then he answered with an old Irish tune by Christy Moore. And so it went, back and forth. A cappella songs and stories with a true Irish gent until 5 am somewhere in the Lower East Side. And I laughed at New York as I was stumbling home because it was actually quiet and I could hear the birds singing.

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The Fugitives Play Their Tribute to Leonard Cohen Live in a Vancouver Church

I'm very proud to present this live video of The Fugitives playing the song we wrote for Leonard Cohen after his passing, "No Words", in Ryerson Church in Vancouver. It features members of the Righteous Ramshackle Chorus as well as Chris Suen on the big churchy organ. Benny Schuetze directed it and caught the whole thing in one long take.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>


"Heart of Every Lion" Featured on CBC Vinyl Cafe's Remembrance Day Episode

"The Heart of Every Lion", a song from the album Bruise written for Remembrance Day a few years back, is featured on the latest episode of CBC's storytelling show, Vinyl Cafe. This is their Remembrance Day episode- you can hear the full show here

The Fugitives at the 2015 Canada Winter Games in Prince George

The Fugitives hit the road again Feb 20-25 for shows in Northern-ish BC including two shows at the Canada Winter Games! Feb 20th- Dunster Schoolhouse- Dunster, BC Feb 21st- The Old Church- Smithers, BC Feb 23rd- Canada Games Plaze (5:30pm)- Prince George, BC at the Winter Games Feb 24th- ArtSpace (9pm)- Prince George, BC at the Winter Games

Fugitives Nominated for Canadian Folk Music Award

We're very honoured to get a nod for Vocal Ensemble of the Year at this year's Canadian Folk Music Awards for our recent album, Everything WIll Happen. We're a band that's fortunate to get to have a lot of amazing vocalists joining us onstage at different times, including Chris Suen, Ali Romanow, Kathleen Nisbet, Steve Charles, Trish Foster, Matt Elwood, plus the Fugitives that joined us on the recordings, Ben Elliott, Derek Kehler and Sahra Featherstone. Thanks, everyone!

Big Vancouver Show! with fringe percussion & Hannah epperson at st james hall, sep 13th

What happens when a guitar feedback loop is replaced with a water-dipped gong? What if a drum kit was replaced by firebells, rusty bread pans and a timpani drum or a harmony line by a handsaw? These are some of the questions innovative singer-songwriter Adrian Glynn and Vancouver’s premiere new music percussion ensemble, Fringe Percussion, will answer in their first live performance together at St James Hall on September 13th.


Europe Tour and a WCMA Nomination!

Hello and howdy from Londontown; I am here on tour with The Fugitives- we just did three glorious weeks in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria and are now on week two of our UK tour. We have two shows in London coming up, (as well as a few other smaller towns) and our last performance of the tour will be at Glastonbury Festival on June 27th. (You can see all our dates here).

We were also quite chuffed (you can tell I’m in England) to be nominated recently for a Western Canadian Music Award for Roots Album of the Year for our latest record, Everything Will Happen.  Very chuffed indeed.

We have a few summer festivals coming up and then I will be heading back into the studio in the Fall to record a new solo record, at long last.

I hope your summer is off to a brave start. I’m off to the Tate to get all cultured and the like.

Love Glynn